Listing the most talked about photography niches across the globe !

Max Motamedian
3 min readDec 21, 2021

Photography is undeniably one of those vocations that allow a person to relive some of their most cherished experiences through photographs. When we look at each of those images and albums, we have the opportunity to recall each of those happy and unforgettable experiences over and over again.

When it comes to photography, not everyone can become a professional photographer because it takes a lot of talent and dedication to become tremendously successful in the field.

Mohsen motemedian is one such professional photographer who has made a name for himself in the photography field thanks to his unequalled talent and capacities in shooting all those enthralling photographs over the course of his illustrious career.

This is where he serves as a big source of inspiration for all young people attempting to establish a name for them in the world of photography.

Max motamedian( as his friends usually calls him) adds that photography is an art form that takes a high level of passion and attention to achieve. He goes on to discuss numerous photographic niches that any newcomer can pursue right from the start of their career.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is a style of photography in which the photographer captures an individual’s emotions, sensations, and articulations. According to Mohsen motamedian USA, when taking portrait photography, one must pay close attention to the overall lighting as well as the contrast between the environment and the subject.

This, as per him, creates all the big difference while capturing an average portrait and a perfect one. He further adds that paying close attention to the details of the subject can also enhance the overall shot eventually.

Landscape photography

This sort of photography captures the best of nature and everything it has to offer. While capturing a shot, the photographer can take use of the natural lighting and nice backdrop. According to Mohsen motamedian export, a photographer must be innovative and cheerful in order to put their best foot forward in this photography specialty.

Now, when it comes to landscape photography, you can always bring the creative side of yours into play. Picking the right location, looking at the required light and other key aspects can prove crucial in any landscape shot.

Wildlife photography

Wild life photography, as the name suggests, is concerned with getting the greatest images of wild animals and their surroundings. Mohsen motamedian says that photographer must be especially attentive and vigilant regarding the creature’s development, stance, and motions during this style of photography.

Also, as the animals are generally on the move, paying attention to the right autofocus and aperture value stands crucial in the entire process.

Sports photography

This style of photography is fairly popular these days, and it comprises a variety of assignments that include all of the athletes and rivals in the area. To capture the perfect shot, the photographer must be careful regarding the subject’s angle, movement, and progression.

In order to master the art of sports photography, according to Max motamedian, the photographer must have a basic knowledge and hands-on training. Besides, he or she must focus entirely on the movement and the position of the athletes during the shoot.



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